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Absher/Moxley Memorial Scholarship

Named for Matthew Absher and Brandon Moxley

The Absher/Moxley Memorial Scholarship is named for two brothers that lost their young lives within a four-year period, due to the adverse effects of prescription drug addiction. Matthew Absher and Brandon Moxley were both deeply beloved by many: their loving family, friends, and Alleghany High School classmates. These two untimely deaths are an extreme loss for our entire community.

The two young men’s Uncle Frankie Andrews, Mother Diane Andrews, and Sister Tonya Moxley desire to use this memorial scholarship as a gift to educate and help prevent Alleghany’s youth from following the same travesty as his nephews. Frankie Andrews generously initiated this scholarship for the purpose of asking Alleghany High School Seniors to express their thoughts on the perilous path of prescription drug abuse.

Amount of Scholarship: $250


1- Write a one-page essay on the adverse effects of prescription drug addiction regarding:

a. the addict,

b. the addict’s family, and

c. the addict’s friends.

2- Present the above written essay as an oral presentation to the Alleghany High School Senior Class at a setting approved by the Alleghany High School Guidance Counselor.

3- Applications will be due as required by the AHS Guidance Counselor. Call 372-5095 for the exact date.

4- The deadline for the written essay and oral presentation is April 29th.

The judges for the recipient of this scholarship will be chosen by the Alleghany High School Counselor.

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