Mission Statement

The Alleghany Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that secures funds and distributes resources to increase support for the public schools and provide opportunities for scholarships so that every Alleghany student may further his or her education after high school.

Making a Difference...

...in Education

Students today face a future of expanded opportunities and broadened horizons. They also face the pressure of a job market characterized by ever changing technology and growing competition. We can prepare our students for the future by acting now on what we know. Statistics show that:

...in Alleghany County

The Alleghany County Education Foundation, a non-profit endeavor, was founded in 1983 by a small group of caring and concerned community citizens. The goal was to expose our youth to the fine arts, higher education, and to raise funds through charitable donations ensuring that such an investment in the children of Alleghany would be a step forward for the future of this mountain region.

Over $972,000 in scholarship aid has been distributed to deserving high school seniors in the previous nine years alone- many of whom have since completed a college degree. Without the encouragement and assistance from the Foundation, it can be said that many of these Alleghany High School graduates would not have achieved a college diploma.

The economic health and vigor of Alleghany County is dependent on our youth. When children can count on family and friends, it makes a significant difference in their learning. Community involvement is crucial to assuring that each student is given this opportunity.

...in the Future

Today, more than ever before, higher education is the fault line between those who will prosper and those who will not.  To prepare our children for the world of personal and professional choices in the new millennium, we must open the doors of college to everyone. It is only with your help that our deserving students can get on the pathway to college and promising careers.

How can you help? Explore today the rewards, both personal and financially, of becoming an integral part of the Alleghany County Education Foundation, Inc. Through personal contributions, and the interest generated, scholarships can be awarded in your name. You may even elect to retain right of distribution, awardee, and scholarship amount. Support through investments or stock growth, wills, trusts, and direct contributions are welcomed.

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