Alleghany Education Foundation

The Alleghany Education Foundation provides

scholarship and enrichment opportunities to students

in Alleghany County.




This program was initiated in 1999 by Joseph Jones. In subsequent years, the endowment has grown from annual contributions and matching funds from the Shell Oil Company Foundation. The scholarship funds are deposited with, managed, and dispersed by the Alleghany County Educational Foundation, Inc.


(1) To encourage Alleghany County High School students to seek careers in science, mathematics, technology, and engineering.

(2) To encourage students, particularly as sophomores and juniors, to select appropriate courses, excel academically, and to seek admission into qualified universities.

Description of Scholarship

The scholarship(s) are open to any graduating Alleghany High School senior who meets the qualifications below. The scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable award. The amount of the scholarship may range from $1,000 to $5,000 and will be determined by the Alleghany County Educational Foundation Selection Committee.


Students must be accepted by and attend a four year college or university that grants a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

Students must show they have already selected a major in science, mathematics, technology, or engineering. Examples of specific majors include: chemistry, biochemistry, biology, entomology, electrical engineering, genetics, mathematics, physics, nanoscience, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Scholarships will be awarded to qualified/worthy students – particularly those who need financial help in order to attend college.

All eligible applicants will be considered without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, or national origin.

Application Process

Scholarship information and applications shall be available from the Alleghany High School Guidance Office. The application shall consist of the following:


(2) A one-page autobiographical sketch telling about yourself; your plans for the future, and why this scholarship is important to you.

The Scholarship award(s) will be announced at the annual Alleghany High School Scholarship Awards Assembly.

Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee of three persons consisting of: Alleghany High School Guidance Counselor, AHS Math teacher, and AHS Science teacher. This committee of three will recommend scholarship recipients to the donor and must be approved by the Alleghany County Educational Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors.

Payment of Scholarship Funds:

Payment of scholarship funds will be made by the Alleghany County Educational Foundation,Inc. directly to the college or university where the recipient is enrolled.

Email address

114 S. Main St • Post Office Box 33

Sparta, North Carolina 28675