Alleghany Education Foundation

The Alleghany Education Foundation provides

scholarship and enrichment opportunities to students

in Alleghany County.

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Ruth Hendrix Scholarship

Application Guidelines

The Scholarship will be awarded to students from high school or college to help

further their education.

The scholarship will be awarded according to the following priorities:

  1. Members and or relatives of members of Mt. Zion UMC.
  2. High School Seniors who live in the Mt. Zion community.
  3. Recommendation from the appropriate Guidance Counselor.
  4. Scholarship funds shall be paid directly to the college or university.
  5. All scholarship recipients shall apply each year for the scholarship. This entails supplying the Scholarship Committee with information concerning your status at your school. A copy of the student’s most recent grade report and the expected date of graduation should be remitted each semester.
  6. Scholarship recipients attending a four year college will receive $2,000.00 per year ($1,000.00 per semester) for a maximum of four years.
  7. Scholarship recipients attending a community college will recieve $1,200 per year ($600.00 per semester) for a maximum of two years.
  8. A student that desires to attend a community college on a half-time basis (6 semester hours) may be awarded $300.00 per semester.
  9. A scholarship recipient that attends a college or university for at least one semester and decides to change to a community college will receive $600.00 for one year.
  10. Contingencies (illness or death in the immediate family, etc.) arise in all our lives. A scholarship recipient that drops out of school without a valid reason will receive no further support from Mt. Zion UMC.
  11. Your application must be submitted to the Mt. Zion Scholarship Committee by the designated deadline each year; for all applicants and grades need to be recieved within thirty days of their posting in the case of re-application.
  12. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.
  13. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church does not discriminated on the basis of race, national origin, or economic condition.

Please include your name in the file name and in your essay!
Please include your name in the file name!

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